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Course Offerings

We offer certifications in the following subjects, with many more to be added in the coming months:

Spotlight: Essentials of Marketing

The aim of this course is to provide students and practitioners with the basic knowledge and understanding of the key principles of Marketing. The courses are aimed at those who are already studying a discipline in the university and are interested in enhancing their knowledge in Marketing by learning the key principles from world-renowned experts. In addition, the courses also are well-suited for practitioners and entrepreneurs who want to better apply marketing strategies and tools in their daily work.

This course begins with an overview of the role of marketing in an organization, then transitions to sections on Buyer Behavior, Innovation, challenges and strategies surrounding International Marketing, and moving towards Marketing 3.0. A typical lesson includes readings, video lectures, and interactive modules, as well as written and multiple-choice assessments to ensure your thorough comprehension of the material.

Our practical approach means you will be able to immediately apply lessons to your current business or work.

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