Essentials of Marketing

Course VideoCourse Description:

This is a stand-alone product and course. The aim is to provide students with the basic knowledge and understanding of the key principles of Marketing Management. This certification consists of one learning module. The learning will be through related contents delivered on the web, videos and extra readings.

Aim of this course:

This course provides an understanding of the key concepts and terminology used in marketing management. It also provides students with a knowledge and understanding of the role and function of marketing within organizations and explores the factors that can influence consumer behavior.

Students will identify key components of the marketing environment and develop an appreciation of how to collect and use relevant information. The module outlines the concepts and elements which make up the marketing mix and shows participants how they are applied in context.

You will learn strategic challenges and opportunities created by the dynamic nature of markets. You will also study marketing strategies, and determine which ones are relevant and feasible for your organization and which ones can maximize the bottom line. Students will learn how corporate responsibilities (including green and social) can serve to energize the organization and foster internal cooperation and communication.

Participants will study customer value propositions, assets and competencies, as well as structured strategic analysis, including detailed customer, competitor, market, environmental and internal analysis.

Who can benefit from this course?

The course is aimed at college students as well as non-managerial staff and first-line managers. Students will benefit from this course by building their potential and to increase later job opportunities. Additionally, this course is suitable for practitioners and entrepreneurs who want to better apply marketing strategies and tools to their daily work.

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Course Structure:

The Essentials of Marketing course comprises the following structure and chapters:

  1. The Nature of Marketing: Creating and Capturing Customer Value
  2. Company and Marketing Strategy
  3. Analyzing the Marketing Environment
  4. Marketing Research & Gaining Consumer Insights
  5. Understanding Consumer and Business Buyer Behavior
  6. Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
  7. Creating Value through Products and Brands
  8. Creating Value through Pricing
  9. Creating Value through Distribution
  10. Creating Value through Communication
  11. Global Marketing
  12. Sustainable Marketing and Marketing Ethics

Entry Requirements:

This course requires a High School Degree / A-Levels and/or Professional experience in Marketing (e. g. in the form of a practical training).

How long will this course take?

  • E-Learning (video): 50 hours (recommended, although actual videos are 10 hours long.)
  • E-Book Learning: 100 hours
  • Total E-Learning: 150 hours
  • Online Test: 3 hours


Online assessments are included, which are comprised of multiple choice questions as well as essays and discussion questions. To gain the certificate, a student should achieve a minimum score of 60% which results in a “satisfactory” degree.


Participants will receive a certificate with their respective performance with a unique ‘Registration Number’. Authentication of this certificate can be verified at

With Subtitles:

This course is also available with Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish & Turkish subtitles (videos) only through our partners. For detail, email: